Latest release is jscolor-1.4.4.zip. For older versions see the archive.


  1. Refer to jscolor.js in your HTML page:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="jscolor/jscolor.js"></script>
  2. Add a class to desired <input> tags:
    <input class="color">

Small donation

JSColor is LGPL licensed, so you can use it with almost no restrictions, even in commercial applications.

If you find JSColor useful, you can donate me a pint or two (-; Thank you!


Latest release is jscolor-1.4.4.zip


  1. include script jscolor/jscolor.js
  2. turn all desired <input> elements into <input class="color">


  1. Basic usage
  2. Tweaking
  3. Picker modes HSV/HVS
  4. Picker position
  5. Picker borders & face
  6. Picker color scheme
  7. Showing/hiding the picker
  8. Onchange event
  9. onImmediateChange event
  10. Getting the color
  11. Setting the color
  12. Linking foreign elements
  13. Manual binding - useful for AJAX applications
  14. Hiding the Slider
  15. Closable picker
  16. Limiting H/S/V ranges
  17. Performance test


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